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  • Martin Vargas

Mission Peru Trip 2015

Since 2007 when God directed us to start ministries in the Peruvian jungle, we have witnessed many advances in evangelism, the equipping of leaders, new works and plantings that advance the Kingdom.

The first years were dedicated to seeking opportunities to explore and investigate the culture as well as the honesty and integrity of potential allies in this area where there is darkness and where only a few have scattered the light of Christ.

Thanks to intentional investment we could help see works born in Pucallpa, near the Ucayali River and ethnic outreach ministries doors were opened to explore the work of the Swiss Missions dedicated to the translation and training of Peruvian ethnic groups.

In 2011, God mobilized our missionaries Rafael and Marisel Grana to the city Iquitos in Loreto, Peru and from there directed the planting of not only one work in Iquitos, but the evangelization efforts to several communities along the Amazon River.

In 2012, that same passion to reach diverse ethnic groups led to us to a Columbian leader who has formed Beyond the Border and is engaged in reaching ethnic groups in Colombia, Peru and Brazil. In 2014, our missionaries travelled to the United States due to Rafael’s health. We ask for prayers not only for them but also for the legacy they have left behind in Peru.

2015 is designed to strengthen the church founded in Iquitos and continue aggressive penetration of the darkness with the Gospel. Recently another team lead by Rafael and Marisel Grañas, and several members of Igleisa Real where in Iquitos and communities to evangelism, equipping the churches and expanding the Kingdom.

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