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GIVE BEYOND FRONTIERS  One life at a time

   GIVE BEYOND FRONTIERS are the backbone of our ministry, providing COME OVER MINISTRY with the foundational support that enables us to effectively and efficiently operate as a mission-sending organization. Our program is built upon the commitment of financial supporters who have faithfully invested in our ministries.



Partners gift directed?

Your donation reaches the organization as a whole, providing special services to all members of our organization including missionaries, donors, prayer partners, volunteers, and general staff. Here just a few examples of organizational-wide ministries provided by COME OVER and made possible by your generosity:

  • Godly leadership that unites the organization with a common vision. 

  • Recruitment of new missionaries and church planters. 

  • Training for newly appointed missionaries. 

  • Leadership formation and training for mission field directors. 

  • Professional counseling and spiritual formation for missionaries and church planters.

  • Communications support for missionaries and the organization.

  • Accounting and financial administration. 

  • Technical services for headquarters and field missionary personnel. 


If you have additional questions about this program, or the use of funds, send an email to or call us directly at (954) 961-4250.


To see our Non-Profit Status

Please download this PDF


SUPPORT A CHURCH PLANTER    With few or no cultural barriers to overcome, national missionaries can readily share God's love with those who have never heard.



Through COME OVER  you can provide to a Pastor a house that will be use as an evangelism center and to make disciples.



Your donation is invested in several projects around the globe that it help to support church planters and missionaries.A project like Honey Bee Hives in Mozambique or a Chicken Farm in Peru  makes a difference in the life of many.

We are CONNECTED.     

COME OVER MINISTRY is known for planting thriving churches that are self-supported and sending out their own church planters. We know the cultures, love the people, and can connect you with a valuable place to invest your life and resources.


We have VISION.    

A strong connection is not an excuse to relax, but a motivation to press forward.COME OVER is actively opening new fields and accepting new opportunities for service. We have the unique ability to partner with  churches  and ministries to reach the world.


We take your investment seriously.     

Your investment is valuable to COME OVER. If you give to our organization, you entrust us with your limited resources. This means that we are accountable to use your resources well and to effectively communicate how your gift is making a difference. 


We have a unique place for YOU.    

As we work to fulfill the Great Commission, we know that God will bring a unique set of people together to accomplish this mission. At COME OVER, we consider you a partner in a shared mission. You are a friend playing a specific role in bringing the gospel to the world.

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